CyberSearch Success Stories: Big Data Solutions-Large Dataset Management

Large Dataset Management

The Challenge:

The U.S. subsidiary of a $25 billion international banking and financial services institution has a well-known brand of products and had gathered a very large dataset on loan offering. Due to the massive scale of their dataset, they were finding their existing RDBMS unable to meet their needs. Additionally, they were looking to be better able to utilize the collected data for predictive analytics.

The Approach: 

After analyzing their options, the client decided to utilize the Hadoop framework in an on premise implementation at their own datacenter. The Hadoop ecosystem was comprised of Hive, Spark, Sqool with Microstrategy as the primary reporting tool. Cloudera was the Hadoop vendor they selected with Accenture as an implementation partner. CyberSearch was brought in to leverage their talent pool to build out the development, test and production environment.

The Outcome: 

CyberSearch has been instrumental in standing up the test and development environments, as well as working seamlessly with the Hadoop development team. This is a multi-year project, currently in phase two at 15 months on site so far. Overall the project continues to be successful, and the client is excited by the preliminary results. Although the go live date is still in the future, the client is expanding the scope to encompass the timeline.

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