CyberSearch Success Stories: Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The Challenge:

A national health insurance provider needed to better manage the vast amounts of data coming through its organization. Particularly, the desire was to harness business intelligence to improve their healthcare portal disease management. Improving data in this way would better support many users including management, nurses, healthcare providers, and plan members through greater information accuracy and reliability. The biggest projected challenge at the outset of this project was the sheer volume of big data that would need to be broken down and analyzed appropriately.

The Approach:

To best meet the project requirements, CyberSearch sent in an ETL Lead Architect along with a team of 12 consultants versed in AB Initio. The team took a methodical approach of developing, testing, documenting, and supporting the production run for the client. This included extensive business intelligence expertise in data analysis, data modeling, ETL processes, code reviewing, and more. As requirement and timeline changes came up, the team coordinated with multiple areas during status meetings to make sure everyone was aligned and meeting the needs of the overall project.

The Results:

The initial project was successfully completed on time, with two to three releases planned each year thereafter for a period of five to seven years. All goals were met, with business intelligence improving many areas of the client’s operations. This included increased accuracy in health plans, financial data, and budgeting processes, as well as a clearer adherence to HIPPA rules. Most notably, the data overhaul raised membership, increased funding, and brought in more profit for the client. These benefits are expected to continue as new programs are rolled out and the business intelligence relationship continues.

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