CyberSearch Success Stories: Cloud Security


The Challenge:

As a large, specialized pharmaceutical company, our client wanted to assess their information security practices to ensure their massive amount of records and documentation stay confidential. In such an undertaking there are typically two main challenges. Firstly, it requires a great deal of investigation into a client’s every policy and procedure to identify any potential flaws in their design. Secondly, businesses often like to assume that their security is adequate and may react apprehensively to reports that indicate otherwise.

The Approach:cloud security

To accomplish the task at hand, CyberSearch provided an experienced consultant with deep experience as an Architect and Cloud Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert. Using knowledge of Azure and AWS platforms, this expert was able to perform a surface-level assessment within two and a half days. This allowed for the rapid pinpointing of problem areas to investigate further and would help in determining the priority of actionable items.

The Outcome:

Less than two weeks from commencement, a comprehensive 20-page report was compiled which brought phase one of the assignment to a successful completion. This document not only identified flaws in the client’s existing design, but gave a full road map of how to implement solutions. Based on the consultant’s findings, our client determined that moving forward with phase two by executing fixes and enhancements to their cloud was indeed necessary. Armed with a stronger information security strategy moving forward, all stakeholders including executives, employees, and customers could rest easy in the knowledge that private pharmaceutical records would stay confidential.

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