CyberSearch Success Stories: Cloud Training and Maintenance

Cloud TrainingThe Challenge:

This large financial institution required the training of system support employees in the maintenance of consultant cloud software via 11 different components of the Microsoft System Center. Microsoft Azure would be the primary focus, while also working with FMA and FMS in using Powershell to create virtual machines. When completed, this project sought to make it easier to move physical machines into virtual machines with very little technical knowledge needed. The biggest challenge entailed employees having no previous experience with the systems that the cloud software would be using.

The Approach:

CyberSearch brought in an expert cloud consultant able to teach complex terminologies and put instructions into laymen’s terms. This individual trained a team of 16 client employees that included three managers. By breaking down training into instruction, reviewing the previous day’s knowledge, and monitoring systems / troubleshooting techniques, our expert looked to overcome the challenges inherent in such a project. Additionally, the consultant remained available after training sessions to serve as a technical resource in solving any new problems that arose.

The Results:

A resounding success, this project was completed five months ahead of schedule. The transfer of necessary knowledge to employees was completed and verified. They learned new technologies such as working with scripting tools, and obtained the knowledge necessary to maintain company programs and troubleshoot any future issues that could arise within the cloud applications. Our client was satisfied in both the long-term value the training sessions provided as well as the rapid achievement of the project’s goals.

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