CyberSearch Success Stories: Data Center Migration for a Major Hospital/Health System

Data Center MigrationThe Challenge:
The existing data center of this major hospital/health system was housed in a building that was already sold and set to be demolished in a six-week time frame. This set a very inflexible end date and pace for the migration. While a few things could be virtualized, the majority of the migration would have to be a physical move of the servers into a brand new location, which increased the likelihood of long outages. Additionally, the client had not considered certain hardware and software elements that would be affected in the migration process.

The Approach:
CyberSearch provided a team of 20 consultants to take on this large-scale migration. The technically-skilled team brought an extensive knowledge of network diagrams, network design, and physical equipment configuration to the task, which made for a smoother transition of data. Even when it was discovered during the process that there was an inaccurate inventory list, the ability of the team to adapt ensured the project stayed on pace to migrate prior to the set building demolition date. Defined outages were limited to overnight hours in order to make progress without affecting everyday hospital operations.

The Outcome:
This data center migration project was fully completed prior to the demolition of the data center’s previous physical location, and all of our client goals were met. No serious or unplanned outages occurred, and the hospital and associated health system are currently utilizing the new center to house and access all of their vital data.

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