CyberSearch Success Stories: Data Management

The Challenge:

This large communications organization needed to convert acquired landlines and data in four different states from an industry competitor. This required the migration of data from Teradata version 12 to version 14. The greatest challenge to overcome would be diminished data performance, with the concern that the most essential data would not be easily visible due to the vast amount of information involved. To ensure a smooth transition and streamlined operations after completion, Teradata DBA was to be used to best protect and analyze the data.

The Approach:
CyberSearch provided a comprehensive team of 12 Data Analysts, three Application developers, and one Teradata Database Administrator. During the course of the migration and implementation, these experts led the DBA maintenance, performance tuning, space planning, and user creation involved in the project. Despite a large data truncation issue, subsequent performance issues, and source data complications, our team was able to overcome difficulties and avoid the corruption of any information.

The Outcome:
Overall the project was a success, achieving the migration of communications landlines in four states from a major competitor to our client. Considering two of these states were the very large markets of California and Texas, this was a great achievement for both our client and CyberSearch. The project was completed on time and in two phases to best accomplish the conversion. The client is now enjoying the benefits of an up-to-date and powerful Teradata warehouse and database and realizing higher levels of efficiency in the way they house and work with information.

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