CyberSearch Success Stories: Information Securities-Automating Risk Mitigation

Automating Risk MitigationThe Challenge:
With such a gargantuan product, this global technology corporation lacked a methodology for assessing risk with migrating thousands of applications into their public cloud. They needed a risk assessment and mitigation solution that integrated their customer-first mentality.

The Approach:
CyberSearch supplied a highly experienced cloud security consultant to run requirements analysis and configure a framework of cloud products in order to assess the risk of the current enterprise cloud environment. The team worked to create procedures and automation on the back end that also recognized the needs of the client’s various external groups.

The Outcome:
We were able to successfully produce a fast, repeatable methodology for the cloud migration and approval process of hundreds of applications that would have otherwise been an insurmountable task to accomplish manually. The client proceeded to agree to a larger contract for Phase 2 of the project.

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