CyberSearch Success Stories: Server Refresh Project Management

Server Refresh Project Management

The Challenge:
After a massive batch of hard drives malfunctioned at this major national financial institution, a large-scale project kicked off to replace them en masse. Although it was an internal issue, it required complete buy-in and participation from all external stakeholders.

The Approach:
The client and their hardware vendor hired CyberSearch to manage the project and ease the burden on the stakeholders. The goal was to replace the servers strategically to avoid major outages. Our senior project manager was tasked with organizing an effective communication workflow, obtaining clearance from account managers and stakeholders to convey accurate and timely messages regarding the project.

The Outcome:
Through tactical trial and error, our project management team was able to mitigate the risk of an outage domino effect. With heavy communication, we were able to resolve the challenge, and all the drivers were successfully replaced on time and within budget.

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