CyberSearch Success Stories: Mobile App Updates for a Multinational Automobile Corporation

Mobile App UpdatesThe Challenge:
This global auto maker built an in-vehicle connectivity system that syncs with a mobile application on both Android and iOS devices. With evolving customer demands and technology, the client recognized that future enhancements need to be easily installed and maintained, but they lacked the foundation for this functionality. In particular, this project had to address changing cloud components, UI best practices, and critical security features – all within a rapid turnaround time.

The Approach:
CyberSearch helped to supply a team of 20 consultants who worked heavily on iOS and Android development and prototyping. As more intricacies were discovered, complications in middleware arose, and UI designs changed frequently, the project requirements shifted significantly. Engineers and architects collaborated to write requirements and user stories, overcome ongoing issues, and seek out and document efficiencies.

The Outcome:
This project is predicted to launch on-time, with a 12-month turnaround. There will be significant impact in many areas of business, including increased customer satisfaction, reduced support, and increased revenue. Now the foundation is being set, phase two will be to deliver the new features to market.