CyberSearch Success Stories: Network Management

The Challenge:
Our end client was a major government agency comprised of 35,000 users and 3,000 servers requiring full management of their network. This included working on updates, policy management, windows management, level 2 support, migrations, server deployment and patching, and software testing and development. The sheer size and scope of this project would be its greatest challenge, as providing an improved end-user experience on such a large, national level can be difficult.

The Approach:
CyberSearch provided a dedicated technical management team of four experts to manage the network and alleviate challenges. The network was separated into two in order to better focus on the specific maintenance needs required by the client. Designated servers and user account management was coordinated between the two networks to keep everything a cohesive whole. Throughout the management and testing of the various Microsoft server and end user environments, there was regular communication with engineering and level 2 support to keep all processes streamlined.

The Outcome:
The chief goals of creating a higher level of network security, increasing network availability, and producing a more robust end user environment were achieved. In the first year of the project the network was also successfully separated as planned. The two-year project is still in progress, with support improvements to the network continuing on a regular basis. Our end client has been able to continue their nationwide daily operations more effectively due to the enhancements deployed to their network.

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