CyberSearch Success Stories: PeopleSoft Implementation for a Major State University

PeopleSoft Implementation

The Challenge:
This large university had several campuses spread widely throughout the region, and they needed assistance to implement the new PeopleSoft version, refine and tailor processes within it, and provide functionality training to employees at the multiple locations. Communication would be a major challenge as each campus had their own stakeholders that operated somewhat autonomously but still used the same shared system. Likewise, current training databases and documentation were not up to date.

The Approach:
CyberSearch brought in a trained team of eight specialists with PeopleSoft and change management experience. The overall goal of cost savings would be driven by improving efficiency within the specific applications/modules such as payroll systems, HR portals, and benefits administration. To accomplish this, the team first analyzed the way the old system was used, tested processes on the new system, and designed customized training for employees at all locations. Issues and concerns were addressed quickly with swift communication of resolution. Content was developed and updated, existing employees were educated, and a process was set in place to train new hires on-demand.

The Outcome:
The initial phase of the PeopleSoft implementation and training was successfully completed on schedule. After the research, testing, and course design, existing employees were trained at the first location. New hires were trained as they came on board, and after a one-year life cycle with the new process the training was expanded to the other campus locations in two different waves to maximize efficiency. The main goal of reducing costs was achieved, leaving managers and stakeholders pleased with the results CyberSearch accomplished.

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