CyberSearch Success Stories: to the Cloud for a Nationwide Network of Health Facilities

Salesforce Cloud

The Challenge:
A nationwide network of over 2,000 long-term care podiatry facilities needed an update to their existing legacy scheduling software to convert it to a and Sirenum scheduling system based in the cloud. The main challenges were working on so vast a scale and with the time and culture difference of Sirenum software, which is based in the U.K. In an effort to improve analytics, reporting, and access to information, the decision was made to take the business operations to a cloud-based system.

The Approach:
CyberSearch arrived with a team of six experts in and Salesforce Sales Cloud. The team quickly went to work transitioning the scheduling software for the entire network. Meetings were held regarding design, training support, and full life cycle development to ensure everyone was on the same page. Careful planning was key in not only working across several states and with over 65 physicians, but also in communicating with Sirenum Software representatives in the United Kingdom. The time difference was always a major consideration when planning meetings or calls.

The Outcome:
The goal to leverage the Sales Cloud to convert from legacy software to a Sirenum Scheduling system was successfully completed as planned, and the management in charge of operations were pleased with the results. The amount of time needed to gain access into the system was drastically cut, and this increased daily productivity as employees could access information much more quickly. This also increased the speed of service that the various offices could provide to patients, which cut wait times and increased satisfaction.

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