CyberSearch Success Stories: Salesforce Data Management for Fortune 500 Food Manufacturer

Automating Risk MitigationThe Challenge:
This global Fortune 500 food manufacturer had built a CRM of over 20 million accounts, with each of their Account Executives managing 8,800 of those accounts. With this massive amount of data, accuracy and timely updates were critical to continued sales success. However, the client was challenged by Salesforce restrictions on synchronous record updates, which were limited to updating only 10,000 records at a time.

The Approach:
As a long term partner, Salesforce Professional Services reached out to CyberSearch for the resources needed to address this challenge. CyberSearch provided a team of Solutions Architects who were deeply knowledgeable is all languages. Working alongside a mobile technical architect to make a territory management system function successfully in, the team of consultants built a custom Batch/Queueable Asynchronous system to process the records and avoid Salesforce limits.

The Outcome:
The team launched this project successfully, creating a solution to manage the data and work around Salesforce limitations. The client’s sales team could use the data with assurance of its accuracy. Furthermore, the team pitched a Phase 2 for this project in order to optimize the process further and cut down on Batch time by migrating it to Heroku.

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