CyberSearch Success Stories: SAP Data Management

SAP Data Management

The Challenge:

Our end client is an international entrepreneurial group that needed to stabilize their SAP BW production environment, reduce defects in the development cycle, and implement new archiving/cleaning in order to add value to their customers. The challenges we expected to encounter were mostly relating to culture and employee buy-in. Changing the way our client’s existing team works, gaining their trust, and demonstrating the full technical capabilities of the SAP BW environment were top concerns.

The Approach:

In order to deliver new functionality, process stabilization, and the archiving/deletion of unnecessary data, we needed to tap into our expertise in SAP BW, SAP BASIS, and SAP ABAP. CyberSearch provided a team of eight specialists in these areas led by a SAP BW Senior Consultant. Discussions and trainings were held with stakeholders in the business unit, production team, and development department in order to achieve buy-in and instill SAP BW best practices. Care had to be taken as the client was more versed in ITIL methodology prior to our project.

The Outcome:

Over the course of 10 major releases we have achieved our major goals and continue to make improvements through additional releases. The SAP BW production environment has been stabilized, defects are reduced, and business goals have been met through our work. The new functionalities have been adopted in the daily operations of all our end client’s branches, and new releases are planned at a rate of two to three per year.

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