CyberSearch Success Stories: SAP Supply Chain

SAP Supply Chain

The Challenge:

With over 500,000 customers, our industrial distributor client had a very hectic supply chain shipment schedule that resulted in difficulty tracking shipments across the entire world. The biggest challenge was maintaining visibility on the shipments of products as they made their way to and from the warehouse. This presented the issue of our client not knowing where their product was at any given time in the shipping cycle, which meant customers could not have accurate tracking data for their orders.

The Approach:

In order to overhaul and improve the tracking system, CyberSearch brought in an SAP Supply Chain Event Management Expert to lead a team of three experienced consultants. Throughout the life of the project, this team concentrated on design, development, unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing activities. Requirement gaps were discovered that contributed to visibility issues in the shipping cycle, and regular meetings were held to ensure solutions would meet business requirements.

The Results:

After eight months of work, all goals were achieved and the project was successfully completed an entire month ahead of schedule. Tracking challenges were alleviated, resulting in the improved and efficient tracking of goods going to customers as well as materials coming in from vendors. Shipment damages were reduced, and there was a distinct decrease in the number of products lost in transit. This project directly increased our client’s profitability by a full 20%, impacting their bottom line and improving the customer experience through better shipping forecasting.

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