CyberSearch Unveils Vibrant State-of-the-Art Office in Chicago

CyberSearch Unveils Vibrant State-of-the-Art Office in Chicago

CyberSearch Ltd., a leading IT staffing solutions provider, has unveiled a new Chicago office located at 200 North Martingale Drive in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Constructed from scratch during the closing months of 2017, the modern space was meticulously designed to meet the needs of contemporary tech professionals and the businesses that require their talent.

“It’s exciting to open a truly state-of-the-art office space that reflects CyberSearch’s ability to stay on the cutting edge,” commented Tony Sherwood, Vice President and Partner. “After months of planning, design, and construction, I’m happy to say our new space meets and exceeds the standards expected by tech pros, hiring managers, and recruiters in the industry.”

With an open floor plan, the new office promotes a culture of collaboration in an increasingly fast-paced field. The refreshing space features a number of modern touches including curved accent walls, a wireless speaker system, and innovative lighting fixtures. In addition to wood paneling on walls and ceilings, colorful flooring brightens every space, while a fully-stocked cafeteria and high-ceilinged break room provide nearly anything an employee could want.

“It’s our goal to positively impact the lives of our employees, and their physical environment plays a vital role in that,” said Craig Sherwood, Vice President and Partner. “By providing such a vibrant and enjoyable place to work, we’re able to foster a strong level of engagement that improves morale, culture, and quality of life for anyone who walks through the door.”

CyberSearch began transitioning into the space at the end of December, and is now fully operating out of the new office. Photos of the new environment can be seen on the CyberSearch website as well as on the company’s social media channels.

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