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Do you work with independent contractors and 3rd party Suppliers or are all your consultants required to be a W2/employee?

We do work with independent contractors and 3rd party suppliers, but many of our clients restrict us to utilizing W2 consultants only. The clients require this as a way to protect themselves by ensuring that all proper local, state, federal taxes are withheld.  When we are contractually allowed to utilize independent contractors or suppliers (subcontractors) there are some requirements. First, we require all subcontractors to sign our contracts which flow down terms from the client, ensuring that all government and legal obligations are met. Second, all subcontractors working and based in the US, must have a Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) and provide us with a W-9 verifying that information. Finally if you are a 3rd party Supplier we insert terms to ensure the consultant is getting paid in a timely manner, ensuring the integrity of the work and the project. We will not work with a Sole Propriety that is utilizing their SSN as a tax id.

I am a subcontractor to CyberSearch, do I need to submit invoices?

Subcontractors shall not invoice CyberSearch. Instead, CyberSearch will generate remittances and payments based upon approved time and expense reports.  Please refer to section III of the SOW in your contract for more details.

When are timecards and expense reports due?

All time, expenses and receipts are to be turned in by NOON of the next business day following the end of your reporting period. Please reference Section II of the SOW in your contract for more details.

Where do I send my timecards?

All time and expense reports need to be sent to timesheets@cybsearch.com . Section II of the SOW in your contract provides additional details.

Do you offer Direct Deposit (W2 employees) or ACH (subcontractors)?

Yes. We offer both direct deposit and ACH. When you complete your onboarding paperwork there will be appropriate forms to fill out.

How do I log into PayChex (W2 Only)?

Once you have started your project, you will need to register with PayChex (www.paychexonline.com). Click here for more information.

I’m a W2 Consultant, how can I view my paystubs?

You can view all of your CyberSearch paystubs once you are registered with Paychex and have received payment from CyberSearch. Click here for more information.

I’m a W2 Consultant, where can I access a copy of my W2?

You can view your W2 once you are registered with, and it is made available on the Paychex portal. Paychex does send out email notifications once this document is ready to view.

I have been offered a role with CyberSearch, where can I get starting details and logistics?

You will need to speak with your CyberSearch project team regarding start date and reporting logistics. Your CyberSearch project team will work with you on a start date that meets the needs of our clients and you. If you are unsure of whom to contact please email onboarding@cybsearch.com or call our main number to ask for assistance.

I am interested in being a W2 Consultant. What benefits does CyberSearch offer?

Depending upon the employment package offered, there are many benefits you can receive as an employee of Cybersearch. These benefits include: Medical and Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Short term disability Insurance, paid holidays, 6 sick or personal days, paid vacation time, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. Medical benefits can begin as early as 30 days after employment starts.  After one year, W2 Consultants may enroll in, and contribute to a 401k.

I am a W2 consultant- when do I receive information on CyberSearch's benefits?

W2 consultants will receive benefits information once they have started their project. Should you have any questions regarding this prior to your start, please check with your CyberSearch project team, they can direct you to the Benefits Coordinator or email onboarding@cybsearch.com.

Do you sponsor (H1B) work visas?

CyberSearch has provided work visa sponsorship for over 15 years from new H1B sponsorships to Citizenship. We handle H1B sponsorship requests on a case-by-case basis. Inquiries regarding sponsorship should be sent to:  visa.requests@cybsearch.com.

I need an employment verification letter for my H1B visa. How do I get one?

If you currently are working with CyberSearch and are in need of supporting documentation for visa processing, please send an email to your CyberSearch project team with your needs. If you need supporting documentation from the client, please discuss with the CyberSearch Project team and they will ask the client for assistance.

Does CyberSearch Perform background checks and Drug tests on their W2 employees and subcontractors?

Yes. CyberSearch requires screening to meet contractual obligations with our clients. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding these checks please discuss with your CyberSearch Project Team.

Some of the forms in the Onboarding Portal ask for sensitive information. Is the website secure?

In the age of Identity Theft, we take the security and confidentiality of your personal information very seriously. The Portal is hosted by Bullhorn and they provide security updates and checks to the site on a continuing basis. Cybersearch highly restricts who has access to your personal information. The site and printed documents are either destroyed or secured onsite.

I am a W2 Employee of CyberSearch. When do I get paid?

You were provided a copy of the payment schedule in the Onboarding portal for the Calendar year. Additional information or copies can be requested via an email to onboarding@cybsearch.com Specific questions regarding the schedule should be addressed to your CyberSearch Project Team.

I am a 3rd party Supplier. How can I become a vendor?

We always welcome opportunities to work with new suppliers. If you would like to become a vendor to CyberSearch, please send an email to: vendor.ship.requests@cybsearch.com.

I am a W2 Employee of CyberSearch and my pay was not correct or I did not receive it. Whom do I contact?

We apologize for any issues. Please reach out to you CyberSearch Project team and they can assist you in a timely manner.

I am a independent contractor of CyberSearch. When can I expect payments?

Payments are discussed in section III of the SOW in your contract. Also the payment schedule was included in the Portal and you can always discuss payments with your Cybersearch Project team.

I am a subcontractor of CyberSearch. I received a payment but I am having issues with reconciling the remittance. Whom should I contact regarding payment questions?

Please send all subcontracting payment questions to accounting@cybsearch.com.