2017’s Highest Paying IT Jobs

2017’s Highest Paying IT Jobs

Today’s tech arena is a widely-varying cornucopia of cutting-edge jobs and responsibilities that barely even existed ten years ago. The immense power that new technology can grant a business explains these jobs’ rise to stardom. In particular, knowledge in the specialty areas of applications, security, data, and the cloud are drawing the highest demand, with hiring managers using expanded budgets to secure this talent. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 2017’s highest paying IT jobs.

Chief Information Officer

While the role of CIO is one of the oldest on this list, it is one that has changed with shifts in the tech world. Today, the evolving role of tech leadership means CIOs are increasingly making strategic business decisions that, while based in tech, have the goal of driving overall business growth. Requiring a working knowledge of everything from big data to employee management, the role brings in an average salary of $151,562.

Software Development Manager

Software is the blood that pumps through the body of an organization’s computer infrastructure, bringing it to life. The constant development and improvement of software programs is essential in keeping a business thriving, and a Software Development Manager bears this responsibility. With a reported average salary of $126,698, this role oversees a group of Software Developers and works closely with Software Architects.

Applications Development Manager

Having a median salary of $119,053, an Applications Development Manager is an essential part of the modern IT team. Overseeing the design and implementation of software applications for various operating systems, the role has become increasingly important as more and more products are tailored for non-desktop usage.

Information Research Scientist

As more energy (and budget) is put into creating an environment that can process huge amounts of data, the job of Information Research Scientist has risen through the ranks. Its healthy salary of $110,620 reflects the responsibilities of creating and improving data analysis methods, writing algorithms, and sometimes modifying existing programming languages and programs to meet an organization’s specific needs. This is the kind of role that will spend eight hours programming one day, and nine hours investigating the future of salesforce the next.

Data Scientist

Given the massive focus on data these days, it’s no wonder that the Data Scientist role is one of this year’s highest paying IT jobs. Hyper focused on analyzing information and gleaming insights from the chaos, the position is vital to any organization. With a big data talent shortage currently plaguing the industry, the job brings in a salary of $115,000.

Computer Network Architect

If software is the blood of an organization’s IT, then the computer network is the skeleton. Without the structure that a Computer Network Architect provides, a tech environment would simply collapse in on itself. The mean annual wage is $104,240, and a robust knowledge of the cloud is essential for success in the role.

Information Security Analyst

One part Security Engineer and one part Data Architect, an Information Security Analyst is tasked with safeguarding a company’s vital insights against the threat of cyberattack. An expert in cybersecurity threats and safeguards, the job pays an average of $96,040 and must understand sophisticated ransomware as well as the vulnerabilities that the Internet of Things and other new advancements bring.

Senior Web Developer

Web Developer roles may not always receive mention among the “hottest” jobs in industry publications, but it’s a role that often offers the best work-life balance and flexibility out of this entire list. Generally, there is less stress than a volatile role in security or data, the work rate is steadier, and the chances of working remotely are higher. While Web Developers typically earn $64,970, those that advance down this career path earn an average of $95,504 as Senior Web Developers.

Mobile Developer

The Mobile Developer job path is a great avenue for Generation Z to put their expertise of cell phones to use. With mobile internet usage now surpassing desktop, it is also a reliable area of IT with plenty of room to grow and advance. If big data and security are the top two focuses for an organization, then mobile is not far behind in third. Reported average salary for a Mobile Developer is $76,061.

The Highest Paying IT Jobs

The common trait in 2017’s highest paying IT jobs is that they harness recent tech innovations in a way that directly moves a business forward. Unfortunately, these important roles also share the burden of high pressure, with 68% of tech pros describing their job as at least somewhat stressful. To find the role right for you that balances stress and salary appropriately, search our jobs here.

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