Our New Office Is More Than Just a Place to Work

Our New Office Is More Than Just a Place to Work

Most people feel a bit friendlier during the holidays, but at CyberSearch, that attitude isn’t limited to the months of November and December. That’s why in addition to the holiday events we hold, and charities we support this time of year, we always strive to focus on the long-term things that don’t just help further our business goals, but improve the lives of our employees and ensure they have an impactful experience while employed with us. It’s this mentality and desire to make a difference that resulted in the decision to move to a new, upgraded office.

A New Physical Environment

There’s no question that our mood, quality of life, and productivity is strongly impacted by our physical surroundings. While our current office has served us well over the years, in order to stay on the cutting-edge and provide the best experience for those who work for or with us, the time has come to upgrade. And when we do something at CyberSearch, we make sure we do it right. The office space we’re moving into was completely gutted so we could create our ideal environment from the ground up.

Needless to say, we chose the most appealing carpets, hardwood floors, wall accents, and lighting we could find. Building from scratch also allowed us to set up offices to our exact specifications, so we created a main ‘open office’ environment so our staff doesn’t feel closed off from each other and unable to communicate easily. Designing a new office also gave us the opportunity to have a little fun, so we decided to install a state-of-the-art wireless speaker system as well as wall-mounted HDTVs exactly where we thought would be enjoyable. As self-proclaimed techies, you can rest assured we seized the opportunity to create a tech office paradise. Lastly, an office wouldn’t be complete without food. It’s no coincidence that our brand-new cafeteria was one of the first sections that was fully completed.

Cafeteria completed wide shot

For more pictures from the last few weeks of office construction, click here

Creating a Healthy Employee Culture

We’ve always prided ourselves on fostering an outstanding company culture, and our secret is simple. We concentrate on people and on continuously striving for improvement, even when things are already going well. While most recently this led us to create a new custom-made office space, it is also what drives us in creating new team-building activities that make CyberSearch a wonderful place for a career.

Over the last year, there have been a number of fun activities that have brought our employees together. Whether it’s through a bowling outing, team lunch, volunteering effort, puppy petting session, or by bringing in a mixologist to teach us how to make cool cocktails, it’s important that our team has the opportunity to engage with each other outside of the usual day-to-day work activities. Our new work space is designed to provide an improved setting for these events (as well as a new home for the Tyrannosaurus rex that has been known to hilariously attack us when we least expect it).

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Looking to the Future of CyberSearch

For us, the bottom line is that without good people there would be no CyberSearch. Each of our decisions is based on this mentality, and that’s why it’s so exciting to be moving into a new office in the coming weeks. It’ll be bittersweet leaving the setting for so many fun employee memories, but I look forward to making many more in the new space starting with our upcoming office warming party!

Are you looking for a fun place to work, coworkers that are more like friends, and a state of the art environment? Send us your resume today.

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