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For 20 years, we’ve evolved alongside the marketplace to fulfill our clients’ staffing and technology initiatives with our globally-reaching client network and time-tested talent solutions. We understand that a sustainable and repeatable recruitment process starts with a delicate balance between accurate technical requirements and intangible soft skills.

Why does this matter to you? It means that as your business faces the challenges of transformative enterprise technologies and competitive demand for top talent, we can help you navigate towards an optimized resolution.

We’ve spent years honing our recruitment strategies in response to a changing business landscape. As such, we have the people, resources and expertise to assist you when you need it most.

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Big Data

Is Your Data Reaching Its Full Potential?

In our hyper-connected world, the mountains of data we’ve grown to collect offers extremely valuable insight into an organization. However, without the right tools and resources to analyze and manage this data, it remains intangible and obscure, essentially leaving business leaders blind and unable to access the trends, patterns, and tendencies that could help inform the bigger picture.

At CyberSearch, we have the people and resources to help uncover the power of big data. We know how to put your data to work, engineering a big data infrastructure that can advise business decisions and strive for continuous improvement within your business.

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Information Security

How exposed is your business to cyber threat?

One of the single largest challenges businesses face today is the fact that the evolution of enterprise technology has far outpaced the development of protective digital security measures. At CyberSearch, we have the people and resources to help you embrace cutting edge technology while simultaneously protecting you from the potential cyber risks that come with it.

We have deep information security expertise and work to understand your company from the inside out. We aim to protect your data and assets, ensure compliance, streamline processes within your security infrastructure and make informed decisions for your business.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Security Program Strategy
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Enterprise Incident Management
  • Security Architecture and Implementation
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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Information Technology Project Management

Is your business poised for competitive advantage?

Executing technology initiatives with an approach that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness takes strategic planning and high-intensity collaboration. It requires cost-effective, goal-oriented project management that embraces the highly complex technical environment that the business world has come to adopt.

At CyberSearch, we have the people and resources to help you manage your technology-driven objectives and achieve a real competitive advantage. From mitigating the risk of technical error to building relationships with key stakeholders, we have the extensive IT project management expertise it takes to implement and leverage effective technical solutions for your business.

Here’s what we can do:

Managing strategic, mission-critical initiatives:
Our clients utilize our consultants when they can’t afford program or project failure – even staffing companies turn to us!

Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity:
From Business Analysts to Project Controllers to Program Managers, we can help fill your staffing shortages.

Filling skill set gaps:
If your people are proficient in some areas but not so much in others (e.g., risk management), we can provide the expertise you need. We can also help better manage key resource dependency issues.

Recovering troubled projects:
Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.

Interim leadership:
We can take charge of PMOs and similar organizations, run them for you for short or long term durations, and transition them back to you when you’re ready.

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Is Your Data Reaching Its Full Potential?

Successfully managing and engaging with your customers is the foundation of a strong sales strategy, which in turn is the linchpin of business growth and key source of revenue. As such, a powerful CRM is a non-negotiable tool in your business. That’s why hundreds of thousands of companies turn to Salesforce for its cloud-based platform to manage their sales and marketing data, boost lead generation, connect with their customers, and leverage predictive technologies to make more informed business decisions.

CyberSearch’ s strong expertise with Salesforce Cloud Products – Analytics, Sales and Service, Marketing, Customer and Partner Communities, – as well as Company Communities and Chatter make it possible to transform how your company operates to focus on the customer experience. Integrating the Salesforce product to meet your team and customer needs are a critical piece of that transformation

At CyberSearch, we work directly with Salesforce to deliver SFDC-certified consultants for Salesforce implementation, testing, troubleshooting, and support at client sites across the country. Our consultants are deeply knowledgeable, helping you maintain a comprehensive sales ecosystem that will drive your business.

Here’s what we can do:

Custom Salesforce implementations that turn the vision of your leadership team into reality

Integrations with your marketing, order management, quoting, ERP customer service and financial systems

Business Solutions:
Unique and innovate business solutions from experienced Salesforce technologists

Training, adoption and change management programs

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Cloud Solutions

Are you ready for the cloud?

One of the most impactful transformers of businesses today is cloud computing. It has the power to reshape IT departments, optimize best practices, and position a company strategically for the future. But as companies continue to turn to cloud-based services, there is an increasing need for professionals who can architect, implement and integrate, not to mention address issues of compliance, privacy, security, and migration within the cloud environment.

At CyberSearch, we’ve built a network of people who will work to understand your company and assist you in leveraging cloud-driven business processes. Whether you’re looking at a private, public or hybrid cloud, our cloud solutions consultants share your goals of achieving adaptability, scalability and efficiency.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Private/public/hybrid cloud
  • Application placement & cloud readiness assessments
  • Cloud readiness workshops
  • Cloud implementation & integration services
  • Cloud architectural consulting services
  • Cloud Security & Risk Mitigation

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Mobile Development

Mobile Development Overview

As many industries rise to embrace the intersecting trends of consumerization and digitization in the business landscape, mobile applications have become critical tools for reaching and interacting with customers. They change how we do business, impacting customer satisfaction, transforming support channels, and creating new business opportunities. Of course, they also increase challenges relating to privacy, security, and compliance.

At CyberSearch, we’ve built a network of consultants who are passionate about meeting the dynamic mobile development needs of our clients. These are professionals who have a proven track record in ensuring quality, driving results, and enabling scalable solutions. Your customers are always on the go; we’ll help you reach them.

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Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure Overview

The world today is a wireless one that revolves around rapidly changing technology. Major organizations and industry leaders must stay on the forefront of infrastructure trends to maintain their status and continue to operate at high levels. Once it is determined that aging wireless technology has become a hindrance instead of an asset and turns into an obstacle for employee productivity, then it is time to upgrade.

At CyberSearch, our network of IT experts has tremendous experience in engineering and administrating infrastructure for every size organization. Whether it is an industry-leading Fortune 100 company looking to completely replace systems or a smaller business looking for consultation for a first time installation, the CyberSearch team is prepared to lead the project to a successful outcome. Our consultants are trained to be there every step of the way from consultation, installation, and assistance with infrastructure technology as it is used every day.

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Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration Overview

An organization that is growing provides an exciting environment, but it is one that can bring challenges when it comes to managing your IT infrastructure. As a general rule, technology itself has a 3-year lifespan, forcing organizations to constantly plan ahead if they want to adapt and scale effectively. How you manage all those servers, appliances, routers, switches and virtualized environments is critical to the success of a growing organization.

At CyberSearch, we’ve built a network of IT specialists expertly skilled in data center consolidations, migrations, virtualizations and refreshes. Whether you are looking to virtualize in a private cloud, upgrade an existing infrastructure or perform a large-scale data center migration, our consultants have the experience and knowledge that will help you to achieve your goals and objectives.

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PeopleSoft Implementation

PeopleSoft Overview

Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management applications are a one-stop solution to alleviate the complex requirements that large organizations face. Including focused software in Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Relationship Management, and more, PeopleSoft is able to drive efficiency and productivity while lowering costs and improving nearly any process of a business.

At CyberSearch, our network of IT experts has specialized, in-depth experience in the implementation, training, and maintenance of applications such as PeopleSoft. Whether an organization needs a partial upgrade of the system or a full-blown initial installation of every facet, our team of consultants is available to guide the process in ensuring a smooth implementation.

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Citrix Overview

Citrix is a software leader in securing, mobilizing, and managing data delivery across m any industries. Its flagship XenApp and XenDesktop products represent the most powerful tools available in the market today. When utilized in healthcare organizations, Citrix provides better management of, simpler access to, and more secure Electronic Health Records. The virtual workspace solutions provided are able to increase user experience, flexible to be tailored to each organization, and simplify HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

At CyberSearch, our IT specialists have first-hand experience in leading the implementation, migration, and management of software such as Citrix. Our consultants are experts in optimizing and streamlining procedures in order to best protect patient/customer information, improve data governance, and tailor software to any environment and intended usage.

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Data Management

Data Management Overview

As our tools and technologies grow progressively more complex, our datasets advance equally in size. Organizations have amassed massive quantities of data, particularly when acquisitions occur, adding datasets exponentially and often in different formats. Managing it all efficiently in order to gain actionable insight can be a momentous challenge.

At CyberSearch, our team of IT consultants are experts in managing existing data and integrating acquired datasets. We know you want to put your data to work, but first it needs to be accessible, organized, and secure. We have the people and resources to help you leverage the power of your data.

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Network Management

Network Management Overview

An organization’s networks are integral to the performance and agility of its business. The technology behind network infrastructure is constantly evolving, and tech leaders must stay ahead of these trends to maintain superior connectivity, quality, and performance. Intelligence network management brings reliability, sustainability and scalability to the forefront, allowing the organization to focus on its core business objectives.

At CyberSearch, our vast database of IT consultants deliver end-to-end network management for mid-to-large scale client networks. From routers, switches and firewalls to servers, mobile devices and virtualization, we have the expertise to handle any network management challenge or project. Whether you’re looking for day-to-day administration, performance upgrades and patches, end-of-life activities, or virtualization projects, we have the people who will execute in alignment with your requirements.

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SAP Data Management

SAP Data Management Overview

As the enterprise landscape continues to embrace the trend of digitalization,the volume of data grows ever larger and more complex. The power of SAP Data Management to aggregate and manage this data has quickly become a necessity for many organizations. Using SAP BW, MDM, and HANA, tech leaders can pull together data from disparate databases, and model, filter, and modify it through every stage of extraction, transformation and loading.

At CyberSearch, our team of IT consultants has strong experience developing solutions within every module of the SAP system, including standard objects and customizations. We handle the entire lifecycle of data management in order to help you gain valuable insight for guiding business decisions.

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Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst Overview

In today’s modern world of Agile software development, testing is an integral part of the development lifecycle to ensure that a product is robust enough to hit the market. Without the best practices and cutting edge technologies of today’s QA methodologies, it’s impossible to turn products around fast. It’s all about staying ahead of the competition. Lose the pace, and you lose business. Can your QA practices keep up?

At CyberSearch, we have a deep understanding of traditional testing methodologies as well as Agile and Waterfall, continuous improvement, defect tracking and more. We have the tools and resources you require to ensure effective and efficient quality assurance. Our team of consultants develop test strategies, frameworks, and environments using the most comprehensive QA processes and documentation techniques.

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SAP Supply Chain

SAP Supply Chain

As enterprise platforms continue to mobilize, migrate to the cloud, and integrate with other emerging technologies, the SAP landscape is likewise evolving. SAP software solutions have the power to transform your business, but the challenges of implementing, customizing, and training are overwhelming for even the savviest of organizations. An SAP software solution is a highly valuable investment in the future of your company, but only if you can use it to its full potential.

At CyberSearch, we’ve built a strong team of IT consultants whose deep expertise in handling the entire SAP workflow lifecycle is critical to our clients’ success. Our knowledge and experience with SAP best practices enable us to guide your team through SAP workshops, while simultaneously integrating with existing processes and functionalities. If you’re struggling with the difficulties of implementation and change management, our team is ready to help you achieve high performing business processes and streamlined workflows.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence 

Business leaders everywhere have become aware of the terabytes of data piling up in their organizations, understanding that the insights within can usher in a new era of business intelligence. Instead of allowing this data to collect digital dust, the most successful organizations put it to use through robust analysis that can reveal valuable information. When supporting decision-making, this information can grant a business 20/20 vision as it more efficiently and effectively achieves its goals.

At CyberSearch, our experienced team of BI consultants have proven wins for diverse organizations and are ready to put your data to use. Through uncovering technical issues to surveying business challenges, our partnership will translate into increased business intelligence that keeps your company ahead of the competitive curve.

Our consultants have comprehensive BI knowledge, including specializations in:

  • Master data management and governance
  • On Premise and Cloud System Management
  • Dashboards, Scorecards, ETL, OLAP, data mining, predictive analytics,
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse design and management
  • Agnostic Analytic and Reporting Tools: Cognos, SAS, Qlik, Tableau, Spotfire, Pentaho, SAP BusinessObjects, Ab Initio, Microstrategy
  • Microsoft: SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Power BI, Azure Analysis Services
  • Oracle: OBISEE, OBISFE, Oracle BI12, Oracle Analytics, Oracle Advanced Analytics

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